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Live blogging

Hello guys, new here so I'm sorry if this came up before - couldn't find a similar topic through search.


Is live blogging easily implementable with Lithium? Is it part of out-of-the-box functionality in some shape of form or would a lot of custom components have to be written to get it done?


(yes, of course there's twitter and other micro-live-blogging solutions but a client would like to have it as a widget on their main website)


Thank you!

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There isn't live blogging functionality in the platform out of the box. You would need to use a third-party tool. From memory Lithium has provided live blogging of LiNC sessions in the past so @JennC or @JulieHamel might be able to assist.


Good luck,




Retired Community Manager

My apologies for the late reply! I'll have to defer to @JulieHamel on this one, but @JasonHill is right in that we don't have a live-blogging feature.  You can always suggest this as an idea though!

Jenn Chen
Community Manager, Lithium Technologies
(Formerly known as jchen)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi @roman_suvorov


you may also have a look at this article I wrote - explaining how you can embed a live streaming video in a Lithium blog article.


Hope it helps,

Paolo Tagliaferri
Principal Technical Consultant


Hi @roman_suvorov,


When we did live blogging during LiNCs, we were blogging straight from the desktop version of the community: in real-time, with pre-defined topics, schedule, authors, etc.


It is possible to embed a feed of your blogs on a .com without too many customizations, share your new content on social networks and receive comments.  I'm not sure whether achieving a live blogging feed where new articles and comments appear in real time (without refreshing the page) is possible but if it is it would likely require more customization.


While Lithium blogs arent a live blogging platform/solution per se, I would strongly recommend requesting a demo to find out if it would be a good fit for your client's use case.


Hope this helps!


Julie Hamel
Senior Director, Community @ DataRobot
Also previously known as JulieH

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