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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Livestreaming Events and Best Practices?


I am looking for ways to spice up events with livestreaming. Has anyone done some cool live streaming events in their communities they can share?



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What are you doing currently? If you have any recordings to share, we can start with how to improve.

Community Manager \\ NetApp
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

We currently aren't doing livestreaming directly. People join a Zoom meeting from a link in our Events. Was wondering if anyone had used Vimeo, YouTube, or Facebook in Events in their communities.

We did the Vimeo streaming route for awhile until moving to Bevy. My .02 would be a few years ago, using any of the big video platforms was innovative and acceptable. Today, there is plenty of dedicated platforms that do it 'right' (ie: Bevy) that I wish everyone would start moving in that direction. (For all the same reasons folks should use Khoros vs. Facebook for Community).

TLDR; I'm waiting for Khoros to bake this into Events themselves 😄

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

We do have the ability to drop live stream links from the three platforms I mentioned directly into Events location bars. We are working on more.  Some folks were asking for examples so I figured it would be better to start a thread for people to share!


Qlik does events (I *think* they are livestreamed) for Techspert Thursdays. Here's a link to a past one.

And I believe the Community Live events listed here for Cisco Support are livestreamed, too. 

Jenny Weigle
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