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Load/Discard Draft prompt seen when posting at time of Auto-Save

I'm seeing people duplicate posting at times. I wasn't sure why this was happening until just now that I saw that as I was posting a response it complete my post and I had a replica copy saved as a draft.  As soon as my Reply on the forum discussion was posted the reply box appeared and it asked me if I wanted to load or discard my draft. I decided to try it and realized it was a complete copy of my successful reply. 

My guess is people a posting and then they see the load/draft pop-up appear and assume it hasn't successfully posted so they post again and end up with a duplicate post.  

Anyone else seeing this?

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@MarkAtTruth I tested from my end, but I was unable to reproduce the issue. Support can investigate this further and help. If you would like, I can file a support case for you. 

@MohammedF How would you be able to know exactly the second that it will auto save? I don't know yet if the issue is caused if the reply button is pushed at the moment of the save or if the post is finally published as the auto-save is occuring. I'm not sure how you would really replicate it to know at which moment is causing this to happen. I can see some of our heavy users have either posted duplicates or have drafts of posts they've successfully posted so I know I'm not the only one affected. I will attempt to do a recording of it happening but it only happens intermittently for me if I happen to click the reply button during an autosave.

A support ticket is fine but I would guess others are facing this too and just haven't realized it thus my public post to bring light to the possible cause.

@MarkAtTruth Thank you for providing more details and appreciate your efforts in letting know the Community members as it can help them in understanding why users are posting duplicate posts. 

The autosave frequency is defined in Admin while enabling Auto Save.  You get a notification on the page when it autosaves:


@MarkAtTruth I have also passed on your query to support. You should be hearing from them soon.

@MohammedF Mine is set to every 30 seconds. So if it saves at 05:22:22 PM it should save again at 05:22:52 PM again as long as I keep typing. The confirmation you showed in the picture is only shown to the minute not to the second so it would be hard for me to know at what second I would need to click it unless the seconds were exposed on the autosave confirmation.

So if I am typing and i click the reply button at 05:22:23 I might not observe the duplicate as the save might have already taken place but if I click it at 05:22:22 then I might have the issue where as it saves it will present the Load/Draft after publishing the comment.  Or if it takes a couple seconds to save. Say 3 for example.  If I click at 05:22:19 and it posts at 05:22:22 then that could be the other conceivable cause for the duplicate draft to appear. 

Weird this notification just got delivered at 8:26pm Central time. Perhaps there was a notification delivery issue? 

@MarkAtTruth I set frequency for 30 seconds and tested by typing continuously for 90 seconds and I noticed that it autosaved thrice (assuming the second autosave after 60 seconds as I could not find that because of the same minute and it doesn't show the exact second when it autosaved, but the third auto-save was exactly after 90 seconds, again I'm assuming it was the third auto-save as it happened exactly after 90 seconds). In my observation, it doesn't take a second or a couple of seconds to send the notification. It is instant. 

I actually captured the draft today when I posted.  We’ll I wasn’t recording when it posted and saved separate draft simultaneously.  But I recorded the posted message and the copied draft.  I can’t attach it to the ticket you made for me because I can’t see that ticket.  So not sure how to post updates.  I can however see other organizations tickets in my case portal.

@MarkAtTruth You should be able to see the case in your Case Portal now. 

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