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Logged out while posting

Hi everyone. I'm starting to get reports from some of our super users that they're getting logged out while they're writing their posts.

Our auto sign out period is set to two hours, so it seems unlikely that it's just that they're taking too long to write their responses.

Anyone else had any issues with this recently?

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Since 21.1 we've also been receiving reports of users, including myself being signed out several times per day despite a 24 hour inactivity setting. 

Prior to 21.1 we only to sign in once after the weekend but since, myself, and others are getting signed out after 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours.... its random, and strange

If you log a ticket mention mine in case it helps with impact assessment: 354224?

Ive asked support to investigate, in particular reviewing logs to see why I'm being signed out since our auth systems dont show anything out of the ordinary.  

Beyond this 21.1 has fantastic for us 

Thanks @tyw that is extremely helpful. Nice to not be the only one.


Can you confirm whether users are actually being signed out or are they getting the dreaded authentication failure message?





Would be interested to hear if you're using your own SSO or Khoros native login experience?

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Support confirmed a bug under investigation.

This behavior has been confirmed to be a bug, therefore I am escalating this case to Engineering for a fix. We will pass along updates as they become available.

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