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Looking for examples of federated search


I am looking for some examples of federated search between a support site and a community. I thought I would ask here if anyone has done this and would care to share a link? 



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I don't have anything to show and ours will ultimately require login.  Our team is however starting to build a federated search based in our Help Center and we plan to incorporate Community.

Challenge is the vendor building the search will be doing a ton of Khoros API pulls so this will go against our contract rate. I am hoping we could ultimately get a better integration option.  

Also, we don't have deep links supported between the Help Center and Community so a Community 'answer' will require a login. 

None of this is ideal however I am happy to share the experience when it is live if you want to schedule a time to connect. 


We've been asked if we had an interest in Coveo as it is under consideration elsewhere in the company. The one issue I find in their documentation is that Coveo does not have access to a member's permissions. As our community is public but also has private areas we would need to either expose everything to search or restrict search from showing private area content to anyone. 

If anyone has discovered a workaround I'd love to hear it. 

We (iTalent) has developed a "Role-Based" Coveo Connector for Khoros. Given our depth of experience working with Khoros/Lithium for over 10 years we developed a connector that honors Khoros permissions - which we all know can get vefry complex! You are correct the standard Khoros Connector offer by Coveo does not honor permissions.

We would be happy to share information you need or have a sessions to discuss. I have copied @phani @AbhishekIlindra who are able to provide more insight.

Let me know if you want to connect, would be glad to coordinate a session.

Best regards,



We said goodbye to Coveo and went to Grazitti SearchUnify which sat on both Community and Support Portal.  However, case logging has now moved to Community and support portal retired.  Double win !

SU example.png





How well was the change to SearchUnify received by members? Also any major differences to know about the two roducts?

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