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Making the blogs feature more powerful and standard

Hi everyone,


I've been searching the community and found this old thread with a yearly ping that has not been adressed. Since we are in the middle of launching our community blog I thought it would be a good idea to surface it again.


Why is still not possible to manage Lithium blogs as a regular blog platform? With this I mean accessing drafts from other authors, managing permissions to go live, approve posts and scheduling on behalf of others? These are very standard features on a blog platform. I understand why in the pure sense of community you would give members complete freedom around this but at the same time if these are similar options to block other users for specific places in the community and what they can do there, why not give that as a choice instead of something is locked or not allowed?


As of today, we are going with the hidden blog where we tell members to post their drafts, but even that is hard since you can only access drafts that you authored. Not even admins can see or edit other meber's drafts.


So let's find out if this is a current issue or is just me 🙂


@Ryo-Wo, @Inactive User, @djksar a @KrisS since you were on that original convo.

Data for everyone!
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