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Managing URLs/site navigation for Ideas Exchange

Hey all,


We are looking to place a Landing Page in front of our Ideas Exchange. The Landing page comprises of a search bar, copy/details on how our business processes ideas and a feed of top voted ideas. Long story short we are introducing this page to better set/manage end user expectations and best practise use of the channel.


From a Studio/Design perspective I'm wondering how to set this up. 


If this is the URL for the current Ideas node: 

What URL should I use/create for the landing page?

Note there will be a CTA on this landing page which is 'Browse Existing IDeas' which will lead to :


Appreciate any/all advice - let me know if I can clarify anything or explain further. 

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There are two ways we have done similar things in the past depending on what the eventual look/style we wanted.

The first is to have a custom page build on the category above the ideas board. Note that if your ideas board is within a category currently you can have a sub-category and then the ideas board. This allows you to have a complete custom page with whatever you want displayed, you could even put some recent ideas on this page to drive engagement.

The second is a little more simple and that is to just insert a custom component or custom content area on the ideas board itself. You can then add whatever additional information you need communicated on the actual ideas board itself. In this case users cannot skip past the page by navigating directly to the board (whereas they can in the first example unless you hide the navigation).

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