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Mark posts as "from expert" in LSW

Hi Everyone,


I came across a access setting when editing one of my roles which is "Can mark message as "From Expert"" for when the post enters LSW. My question is, can this be automatically applied to posts based on a role or rank? And what does it achieve in LSW?


My reason for the question is we're toying with the idea of giving posts that have been responded to from our super users lower priority in LSW then posts that haven't. The logic behind it being that we believe the super users will have assisted so we should get to the customers who haven't been helped first. If this functionality adds some sort of tag in LSW that  can use in my priority filter I could do exactly what I want except I'd also need the tag to auto apply to posts based on a users assigned role (in this case, super user)

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Hi Matt, 


While I haven't fully tested this feature, it should use roles within your community not the ranks. You would need to create roles you want to use and add them to your ranking structure so that they are automatically assigned to users when they achieve the desired rank.


In an example our community Super Users have a role called Super User which is applied to give additional permissions, entering the Super User role along with staff roles (separated by commas) into the field will label any posts that LSW picks up as "Community Response" which is one of the System tags in LSW.


You can then set up smart views or routing rules using the Community Response tag within LSW admin or change priority if required again using that label in LSW configuration.


An alternative method of achieving the same result is to set up Author tags in LSW based on lithium rank and use these to set priority. If you have any further questions or need help setting this up, let me know.



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