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Marking As Read during Migration

Hi all - we're leading up to a migration over to Khoros soon and are looking to see if anyone else has a solution to how we would migrate so that posts don't show up as 'new' for all users (we've got a very old Community so this could be very messy / cumbersome for users to have to manage themselves 😞

I can't imagine we're the only ones to come up against this?  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

Manager, Community Engagement @ Workday
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Khoros should be able to do this for you when they do the migration as long as the platform/data dump has the read true/false flag set.

Khoros API lets you set if something is read or not as best I understand it, so it should be as simple as just running through a simple script to accomplish this.


Having been migrated a few years ago I can confirm that the migration team can help per @StanGromer. One suggestion is ensuring you have this as a line item in your go live plan, 'Verify read status' has been address' since its a small but big detail that can be overlooked the closer you get to crunch time 

I'd also verify if subscriptions, if offered by your current platform are being migrated in your move? If not ensure members are informed in advance so they can make notes if needed. We did some questions about read status post migration but the bulk was related too, where'd my subscriptions go?! 

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