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Member First Time Login

Hello all,

My team is looking for a way to identify the first time a user has logged into the Community after completing registration.

I know you can see "Most Recent Signin", but that doesn't necessarily tell us if that was a user's first time logging into the Community.

Has anyone else found an easy way to retrieve this data point?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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Hi @dreilly,

If you use bulk data, then you can use the 'visits.member-entrance' action key for pulling the data you need. With a little coding effort, you can check when is the first time this action key was received for a user after the registration is completed. 

Hope this helps!



Hi @dreilly,


Could you please tell us why the team wants to know whether it's the first session for a user? 


One thing I've done on Workshop is utilise the function "Display an icon on topics started by this user" for our Newbie ranks. In permissions, I've got it set that only moderators and administrations see the icon. That way I can quickly and easily see when a user makes their first post, and ensure they are welcomed and get a good experience. For me, whether it's a user's first session is less important than whether it's their first post...





Thank you for your response @srujanayeruvaka. That solution may work as well.

Hi @JasonHill,

In my example, the team has an interest in a user's first session in order to help us recognize when/who to send our on-boarding messaging. 

For example, if we can recognize that someone has logged in for the first time, then we have a specific "new user" message we want to send them as a means of welcoming them to the Community and pointing them in certain directions.

Would your "Display an icon" feature be something I could use for this purpose?

I'd look at automating that @dreilly. You can trigger a PM to a user upon earning a new rank.


I'd like to do something similar, but I am mindful of not overwhelming new users with too much information (which they won't read...) I think a gradual drip feed of helpful information to get the most out of the site would work well. 




@JasonHill thanks for your suggestion. 

We were already looking into utilizing new ranks as an automation trigger for our messaging efforts. Sounds like we are on the right track.

I appreciate the help!

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