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I was wondering if anyone can help with a ranking query?


We currently have a couple of million active users registered on our Community and only one person is showing a rank.


All our member have roles however one member is showing a role along with a rank. I have looked at articles here and I am having trouble finding an answer.


As you can imagine our other users are questioning why one member all of a sudden has a "special ranking" I have checked the formulas and I can't see why one member would have it over another or no ranking at all when they qualify for a higher rank.


Any help would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy






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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi Sarah,


Let me start by pointing out that ranks and roles can be connected, but don't have to. There's two possible connections:

  • A role can be a requirement to obtain a certain rank. Most commonly the "Moderator" role will unlock the "Moderator" rank for that member
  • Obtaining a rank can lead to a role being assigned to the member that ranked up. One example here could be a "PM_Allowed" role that gets assigned as soon as a member reaches the rank that comes with 3 posts being made

Most commonly though your ranking formulas would be based on passive and active participation metrics (messages read, posts created, kudos given/received etc.).


In your situation I would recommend you investigate in two directions:

  1. How did that lone member receive the role? Do you have a rank definition that assigns this role? Or was it a member of your admin/moderator team that might have assigned that role manually via the user profile page?
  2. Take a few example members (newly registered, one week old participant, long time member, super user) and their metrics and check if the ranking formula matches on all parts. E.g. if you combine requirements in your ranking formula via a logical AND than all the requirements have to be met at the same time. 

Here's an article with further troubleshooting tips for ranks: Ranks aren't being applied in some situations

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