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Members Searching For Other Members in the Community

We receive many requests from members that want to search for other Community members by name or email to find their username so they can send a private message or mention it in a post.

After researching, I found that in order to provide this ability, you have to also provide permission to view a user's roles and the ability to manage a user's settings.


Has anyone found a workaround to this?

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We went the crazier route and just built an entire opt-in user directory ->

It's kind of broken right now, and thus may take up to 2 minutes to load....So we're not actively advertising it to users in our Community, but it is next up on my list of things we'll be rebuilding and baking a lot more functionality into it.

We've also looked at bringing users into our unified search (Coveo) and allowing them to become discoverable if they so choose through there. Within Khoros itself out of box though, I don't think there is any great solutions.

We've similarly hacked full name/email addresses into the Group Hub requests page for the same reasons - Group Hub owners have zero idea who "Username212" is, and thus need to know the actual name/email to verify if they should allow them in or not.

This looks great!  Thank you for sharing.

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