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Members are not notified of replies to posts

We are hoping we can find out what other communities do, maybe what settings are in place (so we can compare them to ours), and what “best practice” might be. Previously we had different settings – due to a complaint they were turned off. We had one community member answer another member’s post however they edited the post about 19 times which resulted in the original poster receiving 19 emails about edits being made.

Here’s our dilemma:

Scenario 1: Bill posts a question and Ben answers with a request for more information. Bill doesn’t get notified that Ben has answered. Bill doesn’t know to answer and check back – he goes elsewhere for his answer!

Scenario 2: Bill posts a question and Ben answers with a request for more information. Bill provides the info in a reply to Ben. This time, Ben doesn’t get notified that Bill has replied. Bill gets frustrated – after all, he’s provided more info and doesn’t get any further help. And Ben doesn’t realise that Bill has provided the extra information he asked for.

What settings should we be using for notifications? We want our community conversations to reach a natural and satisfactory conclusion for our members.

Once we work out what the correct settings are we would also like to know if there is a way to change all of our users settings without doing so individually or asking them to do so? We have 18,550 members so doing it individually would be very time consuming 😫

We welcome your thoughts/feedback/suggestions/advice.


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Here is the link for all your queries for how to setup individually for notifications and globally for all users if they didn't override from there profile settings.

Community provides different types of notifications for users who registered in community. Notification feed and real-time notifications, and Email notifications.

To turn on real-time notification check below link.

It will turn on feature and See below link for how is your feature will be look like in community.

Note :- User email should be verified for getting notififcations.








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