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@Mentions for internal users

We have had a vibrant collection of forums and discussion boards for years.  Recently, we added a private forum for employees only to handle some technical support.  The problem is all of our employees use an alias when speaking to the public.  Now, they have no way to @mention another employee in the private forum without knowing this alias.  Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to approach this?

If we were to add alias names "first.last", could we use some sort of email redirect to have @mentions email the employees while allowing their alias to remain intact?

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@mention feature only looks for username for user information from the community. So there is no way to do that other than this. You can submit your idea for the community over here.

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Just thinking aloud of a hack of another feature, never tested this

You may first enable content mentions.

Then each employee would need to create a thread using their name as a title in an extra private board

Other employee could then mention the thread titled with the name they want to mention. 

Mentioned employee should now receive  a notification so they can join the conversation

Bonus: the board with the names could be used as an internal presentation board


There are several ideas posted on mentioning a role which might be useful too.

The workaround sounds interesting too.


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