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Merge users

Does anyone know if it's possible to merge two users into one. We had some login issues so after troubleshooting with the customer, we decided to close her account and recreate it with the same user name. But then she lost all her stats and badges, which isn't a big deal now because we just launched last week, so we just had her cut and paste her other post. 

Also, when we closed her account, her post became orphaned, so I was also wondering if it's possible to move a post from one user to another. In this case it would be her deactivated user to her new user. 

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Do you have SSO @themaria?

If you do, there's a trick you can use - you'll have to swap the SSO IDs in the Mod Tools -> Edit Users tab.

As previously shared by @Drew_C...

Start with the "new" account that the user doesn't want to keep. Edit its SSO ID to append something to the end- "dupe" is the suggestion.

On the "original" community account, edit the SSO ID to match the previous setting of the new account. That way, when the user logs in with their new credentials, they'll land in the original account with all of their activity.



We had similar issue with our customers and Khoros' response was unfortunately that we can't merge accounts. What @JasonHill says could be a workaround though (we follow something similar as a practice too).

Thank you both! This is very useful. And yes we are on SSO, so this trick will def. work for us in the future. Better than deleting users and losing their history. Thanks again!

@JasonHill we are reconfiguring how our SSO works and changing the format of  SSO ID that's passed to Khoros. To that end, we are going to have to change IDs for all the users who have registered so far - about 160. Have you found an automated way to do this - or a faster manual way than entering each person's user name one by one? Thanks in advance!

I'd reach out to the support team and see if they have any ideas @themaria.




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