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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Merging a forum post with a TKB article

I keep getting an error when I try to merge a post/thread/message into a TKB Article.  Is this possible? Do I need to change something to allow this? I am an Admin.

Allison (Alley) Fasching
Customer Solutions Director
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@A11ey : As of now it is not Support by Lithium Community. Here is the Idea created in the Community



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Abhishek Illindra

@A11ey- As @AbhishekIlindra mentioned this is not supported now. However, you can nominate any forum post as TKB article. All nominated post will appear in the Knowledgebase admin. Further you can create new article with these posts.

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Interesting. I actually figured it out.  It wasn't very intuitive, but here's how I did it:


Select the thread you want to merge, and go to one of the replies, not the root post. Select Move Reply, then you will see on the move page your options, I chose move all replies and message.  You must leave a placeholder, if not it doesn't work. I added a message to refer to the solution/tkb.  Select Merge and add your article number, and the rest of you selection, then move it.  After that I go back to the post and edit it to add a link to the new TKB, just because the Moved to link goes to the comments and not the solution.


Here's a link to one of the threads I merged with a TKB: Sprint Text Short Codes


If you are doing this, like me, to shift the SEO value of multiple threads to a new TKB, I would suggest editing the root post and updating the Canonical URL to post the new TKB, then go into the Google Index tools and re-index each of the old posts and the new TKB.


Allison (Alley) Fasching
Customer Solutions Director

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