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Khoros Staff

Message Visibility (Moderation)

Manage View (upcoming release) provides the moderator with the ability to approve/reject inline rather than moving an offending post to a hidden board. And while the moderator using Manage View can view a rejected post inline in Manage View, I'd like to know if would be possible for that same moderator to see that same rejected post in the original community location, perhaps by setting the post visibility to "moderator" as outlined here:

Sets of visibility scopes applicable to messages

Possible values:

  • public - Public messages visible to all normal users when the message is included in a visible thread
  • draft - Drafts are usually only visible to the author. Some interaction styles such as TKB also allow collaborative drafts
  • moderator - Messages that only a moderator can view (e.g., messages that have not been moderated.)

In the case at at issue, the offending post, in a board set for either pre- or post- moderation, would be have moderation_status set to "rejected" in Manage View and so would NOT be visible, though would also remain in its original board. If the post were also set with "visibility = moderator" would that post be visible in its original location to a moderator?  And if not, is there an alternate way to accomplish this?

Dave Evans


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