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Metrics / Analytics / Reporting

I've been poking around Atlas and haven't found what I'm looking for yet—

Does anyone know if there is a comprehensive detailed list of all the Metrics / Advanced Metrics / User Reports / Community Analytics / CSV search results etc. that the Community offers?

These reporting tools are scattered all around the Community making it difficult to get a clear picture of all the reports I could generate.


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Hi Dave -

I'm not sure if there's a comprehensive list of all the reporting, but you'll get the vast majority of your reports from Community Analytics. The old metrics in the admin console are generally not needed / difficult to use - EXCEPT for the user report, which is basically a list of all the users in the community, filtered by a variety of criteria. (There's also a "bulk member download" in Community Analytics, but I find myself returning to the admin user report again and again for various things).

I know I'm not entirely answering the question, but hopefully my commentary is useful!



I will second @CarolineS's input. I would say that documenting the place to find everything might be a great idea for a summer intern Khoros.

@gdawson, my system administrator does use Admin reports on occasion so I will ask him to provide his use cases when he has time. 

@mhock @ & @gdawson - Thanks!  It's always nice to see what other forums are tracking!  

Heya @dave-coleman,


Just wanted to say that please let us know if there's some data or insights that you want and don't know how to obtain. Plenty of smart people here to help!





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