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Metrics Khoros doesn't track?

Hey guys,

I was curious to know if Khoros measured returning users/rates and learned it really doesn't...which made me even more curious to know what else Khoros is not measuring that is generally helpful.

I'm considering if i need something like Google Analytics to "paint a whole picture" for my Community. 

Would love to hear any input here!


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Hi @akloepfer! We recommend GA or some other tracking in conjunction with Community Analytics.  You could refer to the below article to set up and configure Google Analytics for your Community:


Hope this helps!

This is an impossible question to answer as it all depends on your community, what you want to measure, and how you'll measure it.

Out of box Khoros analytics leaves a lot to be had, but you also can export all of the data to accomplish nearly anything.  If you use Bulk Data API you can go nuts and truly do nearly anything and you also have nearly everything.

edit: To add, Google Analytics is also limited in comparison now'a'days, and doesn't give a whole picture either. If you want to truly have the entire picture, you'll need something like HEAP which tracks every click a user makes on the site!

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