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Metrics - user vs company generated content

Hi everyone, I'm doing a content audit on our community and would like to get an idea of the ratio between user-generated content vs content generated by our community managers and moderators.


Since we generate blogs and TKB articles ourselves, the only relevant discussion type for this would be the forum. I'd like to understand how many questions are posed by each group, but most importantly, how many answers are given by each group. 


So it's just a case of connecting a rank to a question or reply.


Is there a simple way to do this in metrics/LSI, or does anybody have any ideas?

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I would get this data via a user report. Include rank in the report, Net Forum Topics, Net Board Replies and Posts, then export to CSV and then you can sort by rank and manipulate the data as you see fit. 




Brilliant, I'll give that a try, thanks @JasonHill

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