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Mobile app / mobile notifications?

Hi ya'll!

Curious if any of you have done anything to get your Khoros community into a mobile app. Built a custom app? Added some integration using Khoros APIs into your company's app? Something else using RSS or APIs?

Specifically, our users would like to get mobile notifications of new content and I'm curious what, if anything, folks have already done in this regard.


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Following. We see significant demand for an app from our members, which I find a little strange given we develop for mobile first. It seems a lot of it just comes from people who don't want to have to sign in repeatedly...




We were looking at rebuilding the snack bar pop up notification last week, which I imagine would be the same way you could go about it (notification api call) when user takes certain actions in the app, check status, show notification. Downside and maybe we just missed it is we couldn’t find a way to mark notification as read unless user visits actual notification page.

The SDK for mobile exists but outside my expertise.

When Aurora launches with graphQL you should be able to do anything you could ever imagine until it turns out we can’t.  🥳

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