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Wanted to reach out and ask how does everyone else moderate their community.

We are looking to pre-moderate on one specific board in our community.  I understand there is an add-on module that allows for moderation, but not sure if it has the functionality we are looking for.   Our goal is to set it at the board level as our users do not post code or attachments in the other boards.

For those that are reviewing posts pre posting, how are you moderating these types of posts?  If you are using the moderation add-on, is it effective and useful?  Are there any drawbacks to it?


Thanks in advance

System Administrator / Datto - Kaseya
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I feel silly as I don’t even know what Khoros considers the moderation component anymore.  In general you could set up Khoros so every single post goes into a queue of sorts - This requires a moderator level person to go in, review it, and click the “approve” button for all intents and purposes.  It would thus be hidden away until someone approves it. 

An alternative way without using moderation is to simply use two boards - One as a sandbox for people to post stuff, and then moderators could move approved posts to the “public” board.  The sandbox could be setup with a variety of permissions to only allow drafts to be posted, or allow people to post but remove the message feed from everyone except moderators.  Posts would be in theory public depending how you set it up but nobody would get to them unless they could see the feed or randomly input the article ID.

(Dear Khoros if you are listening: This makes it really hard for us to help others in the community since your contracts very literally slice up what should be a all in one platform. Kthx love you!). 


Stan is clever with his idea of having two seperate boards, although it is obviously labour-intensive. 

I don't believe there's any way you can easily achieve what you're after because having a pre-mod or post-mod system is a community-wide setting. I don't believe the Care module can assist, either. (The moderation module never got much love - all Khoros resources are put into Care these days as the tool for making moderation easier, but it obviously requires a paid subscription to use).





It just blows my mind that there is not a OOTB setup for this.  Other forum platforms I have worked with in the past, came with the ability to set pre-post moderation., for approving posts prior to being displayed.   I find it ridiculous this is a paid for option.  Managing content is one of the top priorities every community admin / manager must have and not having the ability's to do so as a built in feature is very disappointing.  Thanks @StanGromer and @JasonHill  your replies give us something to consider and think on going forward.  

System Administrator / Datto - Kaseya
Khoros Staff

@gdawson @StanGromer @JasonHill Thanks for your feedback/inputs.

Currently, it is possible to set moderation status (pre/post/none) at a node level and meet the use case that @gdawson would like to address.

Meanwhile, I agree with you that this is an area that can be improved and we definitely have this opportunity ahead of us as part of re-imagining the community experience (Project Aurora). We are in fact right in the middle of conversations around moderation needs in the community and would love to work with you as we finalize the plans.

Hope that works. We will be in touch with you in the coming days for a detailed chat on this. 



Thanks @AshishKe.  Just an FYI, I think you must have been helping out @RahulHa because this response was posted under their account.

Greg and I would love to connect about moderation.  We really need to make this scalable for a two person team. 

Khoros Staff

Sure @mhock, we will reach out soon.

Meanwhile, I was just mentioning @AshishKe in my response. We are in the same team and @AshishKe leads the Moderation efforts from Product Management. 😀





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