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Moderators Knowing user have PM turned on or off

Still learning Lithium response and how private messaging works so there may be a work around or a function I am not aware of for this issue.

When sending a community member a private email to alert them of a move of their post or other reasons to communicate, there is no way to tell within writing the message if they have the pm turned off. The Moderator then writes the pm and when they hit send they get an error message, then have to copy and write an email. This is quite frustrating having to leave the Community after taking the time to write the message there.

Is there a quick way for Moderators to know if a community member has their pm turned on or off without having to hit send?

Thanks in advance


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Using below API you can check user PM is enabled or not.

You can read more information about the API here.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.


Thanks for the information. The API really isn't a convenient way to have Moderators know if a user has their PM on or off. I would rather there be a flag either in Lithium Response or in the user profile. I guess we can use that for now.



Usually a moderator will have the ability to View/Manage a Users Settings, go into the user settings for the user and turn PMs on for them again and send the PM.

They don't read it / pick it up.
You get kick back for changing their settings.
Generally only results in bad feelings / heartburn.

Preferable solution:

In Admin Users grant moderators / those who have permissions to move / edit posts the permission to "Send reason notifications" they go by email and not by private message and also saves the clicking to create the PM because it all happens in the same screen and the fields are already there.


If the permission is not available to you I would suggest opening a support case.

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