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Moderators can't moderate Closed or Hidden Groups

Would love to know how other Communities are handling this, as I am beyond upset at Khoros over this. According to this article, moderators are supposed to be able to do their job inside Closed and Hidden groups.

Khoros has now informed me that this article is actually completely false, and moderators do not get permission to closed and hidden groups. 

Instead, I am told the only solution is to either (a) turn moderators into administrators, or (b) manually add every single moderator we have, to every single group hub we have (hundreds).

Neither of these options are realistic, instead it ignores basic common sense of how a moderator does their job.  How in the world are other Communities handling this at scale with your moderation teams?

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Khoros Staff

Hi @StanGromer,

I took a look at this on your stage instance this afternoon since I saw this post.  I was able to get the Moderator role to "see" all groups, which is a start but it required "See Group Hubs" to be set to "Grant" instead of "Default Grant".

The actual functionality getting moderators to see and update content in Hidden & Closed group hubs wasn't available without the moderator being added to the group hub.

It's definitely a bug and I'll put in a ticket for us to update in the product.  I'll discuss with our docs team so we can update that article you ran into.

I'd like to speak with you directly to talk about this and find a solution for you on adding your moderators to all of your group hubs using the "Import roles" feature while we work on this fix.

I'll shoot you an email to set that up!  As for getting updates on this ticket, please post in this thread and @ mention me.

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

Let us know how you go @StanGromer. Definitely sounds like a bug that should be urgently addressed as it compromises the groups functionality. 





Appreciative for sharing such mind blowing information.

We did get this working w/ Hidden Groups by correcting the permissions.  With closed groups, sounds like it is considered a bug they are working to resolve as quickly as possible!

Khoros Staff

Heads-up @StanGromer @JasonHill @Joseph414 - This issue is still in development and I will be in touch when I have more updates!

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

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