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Modifying elements in STUDIO --> PAGE

We're currently configuring our new Lithium community - wondering whether anyone knows where I could get a list / overview of what the below elements actually modify?

For example, I want to modify parts of the TKB article pages but don't know which element in the below corresponds to which part of the pages.




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@AnaSmith - Welcome to the Lithosphere. To answer your question - Here is how you could find the page names in Lithium community in Studio.

e.g. This page on Lithium Community - if you use inspect element on this page, you will find the following line of code on the console:


<body class="lia-tkb lia-user-status-registered TkbPage lia-body" id="lia-body" ng-csp="no-unsafe-eval" li-common-non-bindable="" data-gr-c-s-loaded="true">

Where TkbPage is the name of the current page. Screenshot below:




Similarly, any other page name could be found like this. Another example is of this current page here, if you inspect element - you'd find 


<body class="lia-board lia-user-status-registered ForumTopicPage lia-body lia-media-size-lg" id="lia-body" ng-csp="no-unsafe-eval" li-common-non-bindable="" data-gr-c-s-loaded="true">

So, the name of the current page in studio is ForumTopicPage. If you check this on different pages, you will know the difference and how easy it is to find the page names.

I hope this helps.


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Thanks Varun!

I did that, great tip, and it's not one of those elements above that I use to modify it. I think it's actually a component I can't see!




@AnaSmith - Once you find the page, the individual components would be inside that page layout in the studio. Also, please remember that the OOTB components can only be overridden and not customized.

Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

Recent Ideas: Advanced Private Messages | Rewarding Module | Badges for Threads

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