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Move Events from one board to another board



We can't be able to find any setting in the Topic options for moving Events from one board to another event board in the community. Are there any configuration changes needed to perform to get this feature enabled for the Events in the community?



Abhishek Illindra

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@AbhishekIlindra Khoros forgot to include this functionality when they built Events.  I wish I was kidding. 

You can get around this by creating a Bookmark in Chrome that goes to this destination: 


javascript:(function(){var getURL=decodeURIComponent(location.href);var node=LITHIUM.CommunityJsonObject["CoreNode"].id;var a=LITHIUM.CommunityJsonObject["Page"].authUrls.loginUrl;var b=a.split('thread-id')[1];var c=b.split('F')[1];location.href=''+c+'%3A'+node;})();


 Go to the Event you want to move, then click on the chrome bookmark. It will take you to the move event page.

@MohammedSh if I am off base here let me know, but Khoros has confirmed this as a bug prior (though calling it a bug is silly, if it's literally never been there, it's never existed, thus can't be a bug)

edit: Fixed the link code, editor changed it 😐 

Edit 33: Zomg I give up. If you want the link PM me, Khoros refuses to let me post it without it hijacking it and breaking the link.  


Hello @StanGromer @AbhishekIlindra, that's correct, this feature is not built as of yet, however, it is possible to move boards through the API. Please refer to this link:

@MohammedSh Telling folks to use the API when Khoros forgot to include a common sense basic feature is just a slap in the face. Khoros could just solve the issue in literal minutes of development, because to your point, the functionality exists, they just forgot to include a button in the product itself.  I say it's a slap in the face because most of your customers don't have an engineer who can use the API on staff, in which case Khoros will provide an estimate for professional services, which something like this would cost well over $10,000 to do what the fix above I suggested does.

I know you are trying to help, but push the team to actually fix it. It's just sad this is still not fixed.

Khoros Staff

hi @StanGromer , we understand your concern, but as any tech company, we do have limited resources and we are prioritizing our efforts for certain big-ticket items in Aurora. 

If anyone is interested, I just put the browser bookmark code onto here (I have no idea how long this site saves stuff, so PM me if it vanishes)

The only time we are able to move an event to another board with out of the box functionality is when the event receives a comment. So a work around could be to comment on the event post, move it and then delete the comment.


Hope that helps~

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