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Move Posts Options - How to Apply?


We want to notify the thread authors when community agents move their posts to more relevant boards. We've found that some of our community agents don't have the same options for moving posts that full admins have. 

As an administrator with full permissions, when I move a post (message, tkb, or blog article) by going to the post, Options > Move Message, the Move Posts page has options at the bottom to notify members.

Move Posts page Notify CheckboxesMove Posts page Notify Checkboxes

Checking one of the boxes opens the fields to add message:

Move Posts Notify AuthorMove Posts Notify Author


Aside from full admins, we have community agents added to roles with permissions granted to move posts and manage comments throughout the community. When I switch users to one of these agents and move a post, the checkbox options are missing.

Move Posts Notify Checkboxes MissingMove Posts Notify Checkboxes Missing

Does anyone know what setting needs to be configured for this role so that these options to notify members are available?

Any advise is appreciated.

Thank you,

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Hi @jeremylatimer,


In the Admin under Users/Permissions, you'll see a setting under the Moderation heading that says Send reason notifications. This needs to be set to Grant for your agents. 


Hope that helps.





That was exactly what I needed, thank you!

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