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Move Posts Options missing

when I try to move a post (And all its replys) by going to the post, Options > Move Message, in Move Posts page I don’t see options to move the post and all its reply’s

I get only the below options

Move post.PNG


The below option is missing

move post1.PNG

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According to my observation, there are several ways to open a topic or a message. And dependending on that, the options are visible or not.

This is often a problem for moderatores who are not so practiced, because the default of the options are set on "move the message and its replies" even they choose move in top level menü and through this the topic is then splited unintentionally 😞

In my thoughts, choosing move at top level should always move the entire topic and choosing move at a single post, only this post or this post and its replies.

I call this positive UX. 😉

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