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Mozilla v46 Issues - Secure Connection Failed

Afternoon All

Just wanted some advice.

We're getting quite a few customers who are having issues with Mozilla v46. I've reported this into Lithium and it looks like it's an issue with Mozilla itself however, I just wondered if anyone else is seeing this issue in their community or their users talking about it. 

Any comments gratefully received!


Louisa (Plusnet)

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We've also got some users experiencing this error, though I'm still waiting for the version of Firefox they are using, and whether it happens on other browsers.


@louisamartin did you get anywhere with this? 

Hey, thanks for coming back to me on this one.

We're still seeing issues and I know that Mozilla have an open ticket to get it fixed. Lithium have confirmed as it's a Mozilla issue they won't be making any changes etc. I just wanted to see if other clients were getting the same issue from their users, as our Community aren't a happy bunch and are looking to blame someone!

I know some software venders have developed their own fixes/workarounds.

Hey, no nothing and users are still experiencing the issue!

Hi I am wondering if you can follow the steps on the following link


I am a volunteer for Mozilla support SuMo SSL Error Link


Just to make you aware I am a contributor for Mozilla

if you need a staff please raise the issue on and one of the staff or a fellow contributor will help you out



Hey good news, i found a webpage from which i get rid out of this type of error issue yesterday, now you can also check this once for getting rid of it completely: Error

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