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Multiple developers using the SDK

How do other companies handle the situation where there are multiple developers working on the community through the SDK? For instance, if two developers were to work on different quilts/components, access to the stage environment becomes a bottleneck because only one of us can be pushing to it.

Thanks for any insights you might have.

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We have two dev teams using the SDK and I use GitHub and some Python scripts on a middleware server to keep everything straight and to avoid conflicting code submitted by the different teams, while also maintaining version control and keeping backups in case anything ever needs to be rolled back.

I've also built a few fail-safe measures into the Python scripts to make sure certain potential issues (e.g. too many directory levels, non-conforming file names, etc.) that could cause the SDK to stop working don't get pushed to the source SDK project.

I decided to also set up Slack notifications from one of the Python scripts to let us know when the SDK plugin is being submitted to the Stage environment and when it finishes.


Here is a diagram (sanitized) that I put together to illustrate the workflow:


Hope this helps!

Thank you for the information. That's quite an impressive architecture!

I do not have a nice diagram like @jeffshurtliff  does but we use Azure ADO to manage our development work across dev teams.

ADO lets us use Git as an underlying repo and provides a nice GUI to help manage merges, branches and commits. It also gives us a great history of commits and diff to current branch.

Each team has a different branch that is based off the master that was committed at the end of the last sprint and then we do Pull Requests to merge the branches to master once the Dev Branch has passed UAT & QA.

ADO highlights any conflicts, but these are rare.


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