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Native Forum Admin Notes and Lithium Response

On our team, our Engagement Specialists (those working to resolve issues in our forum) work strictly out of the Lithium Response tool. However, our Community Manager works almost exclusively in the native community. When a user has behavioral issues or violates forum guidelines the Community Manager leaves Admin Notes on the forum user profile. These notes include contacts made, ban information, etc. The problem is that our Engagement Specialists have no way of seeing those notes in our Lithium Response console. Especially when it comes to bans those notes are imperative to the Specialist's work flow. 


The question I have is there a OTB option to integrate those user profile admin notes into the Lithium Response profile information? If so, how can we get that enabled?


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Right now there's no way to do this OOTB, but potentially as a customization via our services team. I'd reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) if you want to investigate further.

As a stop-gap you could train your Engagement Specialists to use the link-out on the Response Author Profile to go directly to the community user profile and review Admin Notes. I know it's an extra step, but at least they CAN access the info they need with a single click.

Is your Community Manager at all open to exploring using Response? Other teams have had a ton of success moving their mods and CMs into Response, for reporting and workflow efficiency - not to mention then you remove the problem of not being able to access shared admin notes 🙂 We have a new view in beta that could help your community teams process all your community content more efficiently. Connect with me or your CSM if you are interested in exploring that. Here's our documentation:

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