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Neat idea: Add Google Analytics tracking codes to your community emails

I just implemented a pretty nifty little enhancement - I added Google Analytics tracking codes (UTM) to each of the links in the standard Lithium-sent emails. So, now I have some visibility into how much traffic these emails are generating.


It has been just over 24 hours since launch, so I don't have a ton of results, but it's really nice to know this data will be trickling in! 


I thought others may be interested in doing this to get some visibility into email usage. It's easy - just add the appropriate UTM codes to each of the URLs in each end-user-visible message template via Studio. I decided to use source=communitymembers and medium=email for each of them, since I'm already using that scheme in marketing emails. For the campaign, I'm using the name of the template (the name from the URL, such as immediate_general for the "General Subscription Notification")


Example: An updated URL in the "General Subscription Notification" email (available in Studio at: https://[STAGING-URL]/t5/bizapps/bizappspage/tab/community%3Astudio%3Atext-editor%3Aemail?email=immediate_general&lang=en):

<a href="${notification.message.webUi.url}?utm_source=communitymembers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=immediate_general">${notification.message.subject}</a> 

Some early results are that the "General Subscription Notification" (immediate_general) is leading the pack in terms of clicks:




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So this is neat - I just awarded badges to 1,100 members based on certifications they've earned outside the community - and I can see that 199 people clicked on the badge notification email to see their badge. 18% clickthrough is pretty great!





Thanks for sharing!

I wonder, do you have a way of knowing how often a certain notification is send and then how often the links are clicked.

I like the idea of trying this but thus far have not been seeing a way to know the total nr of notifications send out.



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Yes this would be a great feature to have and add!

@Wendy_S wrote:

I wonder, do you have a way of knowing how often a certain notification is send and then how often the links are clicked.


Hi @Wendy_S -


Just realized I never responded to this one. Nope, I don't know how often a certain notification is sent, just how often the links are clicked. But it's a start!



Yes it is a start and actually it is a good start.

For example: Normally you see that there is active thread, people are posting a lot and you see how many different user are posting. With these tags you can track how many times members comes to the community because they got email ”You got new answers” but they dont post to the thread —> you see perspective how interested members are about that thread anyways (they have posted earlier but they dont want to post any more etc but they are still interested).


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Added codes today, tomorrow morning I push changes to production. Interesting to see the first data 🙂


My Ideas, please vote:

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Renew the quote feature


@CarolineSdo you use this just for marketing emails or can you use it in notification emails on links like 'reply' 'accept solution' etc?

Hi! I haven’t tried it on the “reply”/“kudos” links... I don’t think... but it’s on other links within notification emails (eg the link to the original post)

I can see that Atlas Community has used this UTM on it’s ‘give kudos’ link so it must be possible! Thanks @CarolineS  🙂

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