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Need to know the authors (or rank) of Solutions for Topics created within a period


I've come to a reporting gap which leaves our organization without the data needed.

As far as I've gathered so far, there is no way to have a report that lists ALL of the following:

1. New topics for the month (available when using Filter: New Topics = True)

2. Number of Solutions for that topic (available)

3. Author and/or Rank of the author of the solution(s) marked within that topic. (not available)

The report found under Community Analytics will allow for including the author of the original Topic, only.

Is there any other way to obtain this data? I am willing to use the old Community Metrics > User reports if this data can be exported somehow. 

The same problem happens when running reports based on Members (Community users), there's not Topic provided as they are not being associated with the Solutions. If you pick "Filter: New Topics = True", then you do get the Accepted Solutions for the new topics within that month, ok. But you still don't know in what topic or forum the solutions reside.

So we are missing Solution-Author-Topic association in the reports.

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I couldn't edit the post. To add here, on item 2, what is "available" currently with the filter "New Topics = True" are solutions listed only based the date range selected. We need all solutions marked for those posts created during the date range specified, not just what was marked as solution during that period.

Khoros Staff

Hi @Andre_Sostizzo 

You will have to follow the below steps - (1) and (2) to get to the list of topics created in a specified time period having and having an accepted solution. 

(1) - As you rightly mentioned, you could use the 'New Topic' filter to get the list of topics created in a specified time period.

(2) - To know how many of those topics from (1) have an accepted solution, you will have to a) remove the new topic filter b) select the date range in such a way that the start date is the same as the start date in (1) and end date is today and c) sort the 'Conversations' tab by 'Solutions Accepted'. You will then have to export the CSV and do a look-up between Topics in (1) and Topics in (2).

(3) - This is not possible today. What you're asking for is a use case that we are intending to build as part of our Query Builder initiative. i.e. join 'content' with 'members' and query for data. The search query will be something like this : list of all topics created in <July>  and <having an Accepted Solution>. The user who provided the accepted solution can then be requested as one of the columns in the report. 

alternatively, (3) can also be arrived at using Bulk Data API (if a community is subscribed to it). 



@SudheeshN , do you have any additional details on the mentioned "Query Builder initiative", such as when it might become available?


@SudheeshN would leveraging Khoros Care for that reason be an option?

Khoros Staff

@Andre_Sostizzo Query Builder is being planned for end of H1, 2022. Query Builder will provide a bunch of pre-defined filters that can be used to pull custom reports such as the list of users who provided accepted solutions to topics created in a specified time range. 

@karolinalinda I'm assuming you're referring to the the 3rd use case here. I will have to check this and get back.

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