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Negative Kudos in Community Analytics

Hi, can anyone shed any light as to why I might be seeing negative kudos in Community Analytics?

We used to have kudos turned on across the site and have now removed it from TKB's in favour of Helpful/Unhelpful, could this be kudos that was applied and now removed?



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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hey Sara, I suggest opening a support ticket if you're still seeing negative kudos in community analytics. Here's a link on how to open up a support ticket:

If my response answered your questions, please feel free to mark it as an accepted solution!


If you simply turned off the feature to apply kudos it should leave the kudos given before disabling the feature in place. (unless it's a buggy thing happening)

Did you remove any boards/categories as in deleting anything. That could impact data if I am not mistaken. It is always a good practices to not delete by archive/hide in a private area.

If not, there does not seem be to be an obvious logical explaination. Support should get to the bottom of this 😊


Good luck! Curious about your update!

Learning from others and helping where I can!
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