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[New Metric Request] Accepted Solution 24 hrs / 48 hrs / 72 hrs

Hi everyone, 

My team is looking for a way to calculate the percentage of "New Posts" (i.e. posts that were published in the selected time period) that received an "Accepted Solution" within the first 24 hrs / 48 hrs / 72 hrs.

Right now, we're using the "Minutes to First Solution" metrics on the Community Dashboard. However, we'd love more insight into how many of those incoming posts exactly received an Accepted Solution within X # of hours. This will help us determine whether our community's Best Response Rate (BRR) is at a healthy level or needs improvement. 

What does the community think? 

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Khoros Staff


This can be achieved by following the below steps:
1. Apply the 'New Topics' filter
2. Export the New Topics in CSV format from the Top Topics table at the bottom of the page. 
3. Sort the CSV using the 'Minutes to First Solution' column in ascending order.
( Zero values represents those New Topics without an Accepted Solution yet)
This would help with finding the % of New Topics that received an Accepted Solution within the first 24 hrs / 48 hrs / 72 hrs.
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @graceyang ,


If you found the answer to be satisfactory, would you mind marking it as an accepted solution?



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