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New Post Notification

Is it possible to create an email notification that goes out daily that lists new posts within the community? We realize that users don't visit the community daily, so we'd like to use email as a way to alert users to the activity from that day and draw them back in. 

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Thanks for the reply. I've reviewed this article and didn't see a solution for auto notifying all community members of new activity, unless of course I missed it! 



What you would be doing is basically just automatically subscribing all users to all posts in the community (every board) and then presenting that in a daily digest for all members.


You can set global notification preferences in Admin/Users/Notification Defaults but there's no way to "force" subscriptions and I don't think this would be something that the average community member would take kindly to... I suspect most users would prefer to choose what parts of the community they subscribe to. 


Perhaps a better approach might be to consider a community EDM that showcases the best/most valuable content? 





Thanks @JasonHill, appreciate the feedback and I agree with you that we'd essentially be opting our members into a subscription vs them voluntarily subscribing, probably not ideal.

Would you mind clarifying for me what an EDM is?



Apologies for the jargon @JasonMeyers.


EDM just stands for Electronic Direct Mail. Basically I'm referring to a "blast" email that goes to all members like a weekly newsletter, as opposed to a notification that only goes to one member. 




Got it! That's exactly the route we plan on going, to create a weekly curated newsletter showcasing the most relevant / engaging threads and perhaps highlighting some unanswered posts to hopefully attract additional eyeballs to those posts. Am I correct in my understanding that this would all take place outside of Lithium? 

Unfortunately the answer is yes at the moment @JasonMeyers.


Some of us are hopeful that Lithium's new owners might choose to encourage elements of another stablemate in Marketo but there is nothing currently on the roadmap in regards to improving notifications and "nuture emails" - currently a weakness of the platform in my opinion. 


You might like to add your vote and enhancement requests here -




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