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Is there a way for our site's forum members to see all new posts across the site since their last sign-in?  Many popular forum software programs allow a member to see all posts across the entire board since their last check in.  I'd like to implement that because as it is now too many members homestead in one forum and want to post everything there rather than checking out other forums on our site.

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Absolutely, but strangely it's a little known or promoted feature of the Lithium platform.


The page you are after is .../t5/forums/unreadpostspage/tab/message and you can tab between all posts you haven't read yet, and all threads you haven't opened yet.


So the URL here on the Lithium Community is 


Hope that helps,




Jason, I expressed my question poorly. I meant the new post feature for members of a forum I moderate for our company. I think your answer addressed the current forum we're in. Sorry for the poor construction of my question.
To restate it, our publishing company runs a public site with a number of forums. I'd like site members to be able to see each new messages posted or edited since their last visit.

Hi @jnmeade, you can customize the URL Jason provided for your own community by replacing the domain eg.:  typeyourcommunitydomainhere/t5/forums/unreadpostspage/tab/message 


You could also add the Unread Topics or Unread Posts component to your homepage via Studio. You can find out more about the components here (scroll to the bottom and click the PDF file for your version):




Hope this clarifies things a bit more!



Julie Hamel
Senior Director, Community @ DataRobot
Also previously known as JulieH

Sorrry for not being clear enough @jnmeade, as Julie says I was just using the Lithium Community link as an example. 


Hope she has cleared it up for you now. Let us know if you have further questions.