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New User Report: LSI vs. Admin

Khoros Community, what's up?!

I am attempting to pull a New User report via Community Admin.

I navigate to Admin > Metrics > User Reports. I set the parameters to:

  • Activity Date Range: 2/1/19 - 2/28/19
  • Registration Date: 2/1/19 - 2/28/19
  • Choose a Rank: New User OR Any Rank

If I select New User, the User Report lists 567

If I select Any Rank, the User Report lists 707

Now, when I look at LSI Metrics it shows: 737 Completed Registrations

Can anyone help me if I missed something here? Which # is more reliable? I am attempting to accurately depict how many new users signed up in our community on a month-to-month basis.

Based on previous responses, I should rely more on LSI numbers, but I want to be sure that I am deciphering each metric via LSI and Admin correctly.

Thank you all in advance! (The Khoros Community ROCKS btw)

J-Net Community Manager
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Khoros Staff

Hi Jeremiah,

You are correct that you should rely more on LSI numbers but there is not a significant difference between the Completed Registrations metric in both LSI and Community Admin.

The only thing I can think of that is causing this huge discrepancy is that you are pulling the Admin metrics with the time zone in your profile set to your time zone, while LSI metrics are always pulled in UTC time.  You can change your time zone to match the UTC time standard and then refresh your metrics in Admin.  It should be fairly close!

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

What Larry says is spot-on, Jeremiah.  I would look closely at your own time zone settings when running the query.

However, another thing I would try is making the 'Activity Date Range' blank or (if it will not let you do that) putting a huge date range in there that far exceeds the registration parameters (that you should continue to keep strict).

Why is that my suggestion?  The User Report feature is one of my favorite features, but the thing is like holding a tiger-by-the-tail.  The data is returns is true...up to a point.  It is easily thrown off by cached queries (I sometimes have to close the browser window and open a new one entirely after a query completes, if I want to make a new and clean query.  The 'reset' button does not really work well.) or one parameter of the query runs aground of another one, and the numbers do not pass a gut check (like what you are seeing).

I love this feature and use it regularly in my day-to-day work with Khoros customers.  But I have been using it so long that I know when not to trust it and when to reset queries, etc.  The good news is that this long-in-the-tooth feature is getting redone and it will live in LSI.  Long overdue, of course! 

This may be of little comfort, but because of my history intensively using this feature, I was recently consulted by the Khoros Product Manager during the scoping of what is being redone and he and his team of Developers are on target with what they're going to build. 

My suggestion to you is to continue to wrestle with it because it will continue to pay dividends...but yes, it is going to get better.  You just have to doublecheck the results (and tinker with the queries) like you have been doing, and hold fast for the new and improved version (which I believe is coming out at the end of the Summer or very early Fall).        

Thanks @JakeR @LarryI , I'll def try these suggestions when I pull these metrics again.

J-Net Community Manager

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