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No Account Available for Responding - LSW

When I am in LSW and try to respond to a thread it tells me that there isn't an account available for responding? Is this the normal behavior? How does one respond via LSW back to community?



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Khoros Staff

Hi Dennis,


This behavior likely indicates that there is a problem with your Social Integration. Let's open a support ticket at or using the case portal so that the engineers and I can help debugging this issue.





Bradley Rowe
Senior Director, Professional Services

Thanks Bradley...I think Jason opened up one a little bit ago.

Hello! We just added some new team members and they are seeing this error. Is this still an issue we need to start a case for? We have emailed support but we thought there might be a setting that needs to be adjusted? Thanks! 

Seller Community, Square

We're seeing this issue again. @Ellen_G  - did you ever get a solution?

Hello! I think we missed a step when we added new moderators. If you go to the Admin section in Khoros Care and update the Source Integrations (look for 'Add a new account link') that might fix it!

Seller Community, Square

@aarontw to expand on what @Ellen_G said this is what you are looking for, every user needs to have a community profile associated.



Thanks @DanK!

Seller Community, Square

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