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No title displayed for categories of group hubs and events

Hi Khoros experts,

Maybe you can tell me what I am missing here.

For any kind of category or board, we can add and display the title and description. Group Hubs and Events also have these fields in the admin panel, but this info is not displayed:


How it should look like:


How it looks for group hubs and events:



Any hints? Do you know why it doesn't work for those two types of forums?


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Looks like you are not using an out of box design? Group Hubs and Events are a different type of node than 'boards', so my completely random guess is either the quilts are not properly setup (missing title/description on those quilts), or it wasn't developed to pull in all the different/newer node types (ie: Group Hubs/Events).

Edit: If it's something Khoros provided, open a ticket. If it's something a third party or in-house engineer did, ping them about it as it's on the backend they'll need to fix in the quilt/code.


Thank you, @StanGromer. I'll open the Support ticket then.

Just an FYI, we started using both types of forums out of the box and since the very beginning, the forum name doesn't show up. We'll see what Support says 🙂


Hi @karolinalinda - I am noticing this behaviour on our instance as well! Would you mind sharing if Support is able to resolve it for you? I feel like this was not always the case (or maybe I just haven't been paying attention to category pages on GroupHubs).

Sure! I'll update the thread once I know the answer 🙂


Ha I am sure that's not always been the case and may be related to the most recent 22.10 update maybe? We also noticed that our feed on a Group Hub category page is not loading all posts that exist in the Group's individual boards and this only happened after 22.10. We have a support ticket for that.

Could something have happened in that update that has created these issues maybe?

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