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Nominating Topics for Knowledge Bases

We have a role titled Mentors.  Right now, these members can only create knowledge base articles in the kb title Mentors Knowledge Base. 

We want the members of these roles to be able to nominate a topic in any forum across the Community and start an article on this topic in the Mentors Knowledge Base.  

I assigned the Mentors Knowledge Base as a stand-alone kb for nominated topics.  I also granted permission to create and edit articles at the Mentors KB level for anyone with the Mentor role.  I do not want these users to create articles in a category outside of the Mentors KB.

Here's what I've tried: 

1. I granted the permission to nominate and approve topics at the Community level for the Mentors role (left it at deny for all Community users.  Meaning they are an exception for this role) - Unsuccessful.

2 I granted the permission to nominate and approve topics at the Community level for the Mentors role and at the Forum level - Unsuccessful

3. I granted Create, Edit, etc. KB permissions at the Community and forum levels just to test if it's required - Unsuccessful.

4. I granted permission to nominate topics for all Community members at the Community level. - Unsuccessful.


I cannot figure out how to provide even just the Nominate option to all members at the minimum.  The only people who have this permission even set at a Community level are Community Admin.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi @jamiemccardle : Did you try this option to make all nominated permission and create permissions Deny at the community level and create the same role at category level and make all the required permission Grant.Let me know if this solution works

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Abhishek Illindra




I even tried giving default permission of nominating topics as knowledge base articles so anyone that navigates to our Community can do so and it didn't provide that option for users in the Options menu for forum topics.

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