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Notifications vs. Email notifications


I am trying to understand the functions and settings of notifications, and I wonder if there is any way of choosing what to get in Community notifications (the bell) and what to get as email notification? 

I can't see any overview of what gives a Community notification. 

Is there a place where I can get that information?  Or do I have to test all possible interactions manually and see what gives?


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Hi @JulieU,




The feed might include these notifications:

  • Receiving kudos on posts
  • Getting their posts accepted as solutions
  • Getting @mentioned in a thread
  • Rank achievements
  • Badge achievements
  • Replies to a message a member started
  • Replies to a message a member subscribes to
  • New topics in a board a member is subscribed to


Let us know if you need a hand with anything.





As mentioned by @JasonHill in above post you will see the information regrading the notification alerts and real-time notifications.

For other related notification on email, If you go to this link on Lithosphere community

You will see all settings related to notification you are getting through emails.

You can also receive Private messaging alerts in your email by following these settings.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Is there any documentation on the options found here?

Specifically, I'd like to know:

1. How does the general settings impact the email notification options?
E.g. do I have to enable "For my forum subscriptions, notify me for" in order to use the three first notification options covering subscriptions:


2. What interaction styles are covered in these three first options?

3. And do these options have an equivalent realtime notification option? 

Thanks @JasonHill ! I am waiting for access to follow that link, but will read when I do. 

Yes @Parshant , I see there is quite a detailed list on email notifications, I just didn't find it as detailed with the real time notifications.  And I am curious to how they work in relation to each other, like @wilhelmc  is pointing to in his reply here.

Thank you 🙂 





The My Settings notification settings inherit your community's default settings, but then users can choose to change them on that page.  The first three options cover all interaction styles - any type of post.  There is no equivalent user settings for the realtime notifications. 


Hope that helps.




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