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Number of members that have logged in within 6 months

I need to view the members that have logged in over the past 6 months only. I'd like to measure how active my community is in terms of the members that have signed in/logged in within the last 6 months. Anyone outside of that I am calling inactive. I've looked in Community admin under user reports and can see sign ins but I think this is total sign-ins and not unique to a member i.e. if I sign in as a member 500 times in 6 months then the figure shows each of my sign-ins and counts that instead of counting me as 1 which is what I need to see.


Any ideas how i can get a list of the members that have signed in for the last 6 months only?

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@Rachie1986 - As per my knowledge, there is no direct way to find a unique number for sign-ins. But if you go to Admin -> Metrics -> User Reports, and enter the most recent sign-in period as per your requirement, click on search. Here you will find the list of unique users.

SS for reference:



Payal Uppal

Thanks for that. When I do that, despite setting my date range I'm seeing last sign in date from a time before my date range which is really odd

@Rachie1986 - Actually, it is working correctly in both ways with the time range and without time range for me. Could you please share your SS if possible? 

Payal Uppal

What I do, almost similar to @Payal, as I'm also interested in what the user does:  I use the "activity date range" e.g. 6 month and than I select the columns: 

- registration date

- most recent signin

- Total Post read

- Number of posts

- Amount of read posts

- minutes online 

- kudos given

- Net Forum Topics

- username

- rank

With this I have list of all User that where "active" within this period and I can see what they did. 

I  also use the "registration date" selector to build cohorts to show me if users are still active in month 1/2/3/x after registration.



p.s. what @Payal described also works correct (tested it with 2 different communities) 


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