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Numbering of deleted users possible?

Hi all,

actually we have a nerv-wracking discussion about the handling of deleted users. A handful of users would like us to numbering those users who has deleted their accounts. In their opinion this would make it easier to set one deleted user apart from an other. 

In my opinion that doesn't make any sense at least because there is no option to get an overview of all posts a deleted user has written thus to draw conclusions about a certain user.

So my question is: Is that possible generally and what do I have to do to implement such a feature?

Kind regards


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Hm, I doubt that transferring posts of a deleted user to a "shadow account" would meet GDPR requirements.

What about offering to retire from the community instead of deleting an account? Likewise former Khoros employees here in Atlas, it would be obvious that these accounts are not active anymore. In the process, personal data in the profile could be deleted, a neutral avatar picture selected .... That should be possible but leveraging the API. But maybe this goes into the wrong direction...

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