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OOTB Khoros Features

Hello! I'm looking for a list of OOTB Features for Khoros, things like badges, private message, etc. Does that exist? I saw this one: but not exactly what I'm looking for.....


Thank you!! 

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Community Manager

Great question, @Finney0225. I'm wondering if this section might be more what you're looking for?

For any of these, you can click down further into the respective section in Learning to better understand how to use each feature.

Let me know - if this doesn't work, we'll try to find a better resource.

Edit: The Learning section for the Community product also has other great resources, in case you'd like to explore further.


Hi @Finney0225,

I don't think that such a list exists. For example, under both links that Blake has shared, you have Events - this is a module for which you need to pay the extra money, not something OOTB. 

OOTB are:

  • Categories
  • Boards (Forums)
  • Idea Exchanges
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Blogs
  • Group Hubs
  • Something called "Q&A" that is a legacy board type and we were advised to use "Board/Forum" instead.

Other than that, you have:

  • Private messaging
  • Community search (personally, I prefer it much more than our global search)
  • Two types of leaderboards
  • Four types of sorting options in the forums 
  • A default set of emojis
  • A couple of predefined user roles, such as Administrator, Moderator
  • A default set of badges (if you want to use the ones from Khoros)
  • Community analytics
  • SSO integration
  • Email notifications
  • Custom tags
  • Studio for UI changes

The list is most probably not complete 😉 

During our journey with the platform, we also discovered that some features are OOTB, but Support needs to enable them.

All in all, I think the final list of the OOTB features highly depends on your contract 😉


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