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Okta, Salesforce + Khoros integration

Hey guys- curious to know if anyone has connected Okta and Salesforce to their Khoros environment for automating Community profile set up? For example- i would like to have an automated process where a user can self-register> which would register a new record in SF, provisions in Okta> once they login to the community their profile is automatically filled out with "Partner", "customer", etc.. 

wanting to see if anyone has done this and how they made it possible!


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This is super easy in OKTA. We had about 10 different apps running in our OKTA instance including Khoros and SFDC. Doing things such as roles is as simple as pushing those through the assertion when users log in. 

Hey Stan! Thanks so much for confirming that it was possible. To clarify, obviously, self registration is possible, but it also populates the Khoros profile? I already have these roles built in Khoros, they already exist in SFDC, so I assume it's just connecting all of those together with Okta. 

Yeah - Within OKTA you'll have to configure what the source/parent data is - In our case, OKTA was the source/parent, and all of it's data went downstream into all sub-systems.

In your case, it sounds like the users would register -> This creates their OKTA profile. You would then configure the SFDC App in OKTA to simultaneously create the user record in SFDC so that you have the record synced to your CRM.  You would utilize OKTA's profile mapping to say OKTA_Role = SFDC_ROLE and OKTA_Role = Khoros_Role. If the role changes in SFDC for example, you can have those changes sync back to OKTA for example if needed.  (*Where I may be off is we used both out of box SFDC apps and third party, and I forgot how much syncing back and forth the default app offers)

As soon as the user logs into Community, whatever Role(s) are assigned in OKTA would be synced to their Khoros profile. The important part to keep in mind is that the out of box Khoros connector is one-way - It only syncs from OKTA to Khoros, and it only syncs when the user logs in.  If having 1:1 data synced between OKTA:Khoros is critical before the user logs in again, you would need to have a separate integration to continually push those updates over.


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