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Open Graph & Twitter; Summary card with large images? How?

I'm trying to figure out if this is by-design but I was wondering if anyone has gotten Community links when shared on Twitter to use the Summary card with Large image format instead of the Summary card only?  

Testing on my site and other Khoros sites I can only get the summary card to appear - the large image format isn't used.

After reviewing Twitter documentation and various websites I can't seem to figure out why this is occurring so I'm wondering if something changed in Khoros, or Twitter since it appears to have used the large format in the past (15.11 release notes)

I've had a few colleagues reach out to report this 'bug' which is how they see this since their assumption is the full open graph image should be shown, similar to what appears when sharing a link to 



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Hello @tyw,

I checked with the concerned team and they want to know if you are trying to post an article other than a blog article?

Hi @MohammedSh 

All of our community pages appear using the small preview when shared on Twitter 😞 

Atlas shows the large preview for forums, and blogs which is awesome but it shows the small preview when sharing only which is a bummer (a bug perhaps?)

We use Hermes if that helps and Grazitti is our design partner. 




@tyw, thank you for confirming, I have passed on this information to the concerned team, and I will get back to you as soon as I get a response.


Hello @tyw, I appreciate your patience! I found a post with a similar issue, and there is a solution in that post. Please refer to this post "Updating the Out of the box metadata to enable Twitter 'summary-with-large-picture' cards" and check if it helps.

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