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Open and Private Community Spaces

Good day all,

My community is private so members are only employees or clients. 
I am interested in setting up a public-facing space so content can be crawled by Google and consumed by non-members.
Are any of you using public and private community spaces?

  • Was it easy to set up?
  • Do you require sign-up, share an email address, to post?
  • Have you found it helpful to have 2 spaces?

How has this made a positive impact on your communities?

Community Manager - Seismic Software
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For them and us, a community space is somewhere for local people to gather and connect, to do things together and pursue shared interests or activities; both serious and fun. ... This can mean they are a local hub or hall, a garden, allotment, sports or pastimes space or something less obvious like – well, you decide! official site

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