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Opt-Out of Broadcast Private Messages

I have reviewed other threads and not seen this answered.

Is there a way for a user to opt-out of recieving Mass PM's, but still get individual PM's?

Use case: we send a "Welcome to the Community" Mass PM using the "Broadcast" feature. Users have replied that they would not like to be a part of mass sendings like this, but they still want to get individual PM's from other users. 

What is the solution for removing them from Broadcast / Mass PM's while still allowing them PM access. In the Profile>My Site Preferences>Private Messenger options there is only the option to opt out of PM's in general.


Thank you. 

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There isn't method I have found. PM permissions/controls are sadly not near as granular as the other notification options.

Thank you for your reply! I suspected this but always have to hold out hope. I'll have our Product Team try to figure out a solution. Much appreciated @StanGromer!

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