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Optimal way to try to find someone?

Just seeing if I'm missing something here.  I have a user, and the only bit of information that I have is their email address.

So I go to Mod Tools - look up their email address

This gives me their username

From there, I have to go to Metrics > User Reports and look up their username so that I can get their ID 

(Note that this may be specific to us, but some of the user names are so long that I can't use that to switch user so I need the ID)

Is there a better way to do this since I can't be guaranteed that either their first or last name will be part of their username?


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You should be able to look them up via email address in the normal search on the front end of your community (if you're an admin). From there you can click to see their profile (which includes their Khoros user ID in the URL)

Hope that helps!


@CarolineS is correct, just be sure to indicate you are looking for users in the search selector. When I do that the auto results provided usually have the member I'm looking for without having to go to the full search page. 


Searching for the user's email address in the front end as an Administrator is a simple way to do this for a few users.
You can also do this programmatically via the API with something similar to what I do in a bash script:

/usr/bin/curl --location --request GET "$X?restapi.response_format=json" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H "li-api-session-key: $TOKEN" 2> /dev/null | /opt/homebrew/bin/jq '.response.user.login."$"'

$X is the email address, $TOKEN is the API token.



Community Manager

This is a great topic, and I think it'd be a good candidate for broader discussion on the Community Product board. 

@OHORBACH @CarolineS @CyJervis and @phoneboy - toss a kudo here or reply if that works. If I don't hear back by end of week, I'll assume you're okay with it.


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